Discover Peccioli: The Tuscan Jewel Voted Italy’s Most Beautiful Village

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Peccioli has recently distinguished itself as the “Village of Villages 2024,” an award that celebrates its ability to harmoniously blend historical charm with artistic innovation. This enchanting village not only preserves traces of its Etruscan and Roman past but also projects into the future through contemporary art, becoming a cultural landmark.

Peccioli, inhabited since the Neolithic period, flourished significantly in the Etruscan era as a burial and settlement site, under the influence of Volterra until the late ancient period. During Roman rule, a unique example of a rural cistern was found at Colle Mustarola. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the area faced turbulent times under Lombard occupation. In the Middle Ages, Peccioli became a Podesteria of the Republic of Pisa, expanding further under Lorenzo the Magnificent. The history of the village is marked by periods of prosperity and difficulty, culminating in its current role as a historic and cultural commune in Tuscany. Since the unification of Italy, Peccioli has included the communities of Fabbrica, Ghizzano, Legoli, Montecchio, Montelopio, Libbiano, and Cedri.
MACCA: Open-Air Contemporary Art Museum

MACCA is an innovative open-air museum embracing contemporary art across the territory of Peccioli and its subdivisions. This widespread museum hosts over seventy large-scale installations that rejuvenate public and historic spaces. Renowned artists are invited to reshape and dialogue with the Peccioli landscape, creating a continuous interaction between art, community, and environment. A tour through MACCA offers a discovery of Tuscan art and culture.

Peccioli’s triumph as Italy’s most beautiful village is primarily due to the thirty-year efforts of MACCA, which has innovated and renewed the entire community.

Main works in the MACCA route:

  • Endless Sunset by Patrick Tuttofuoco – Completed in 2020, this installation wraps around the panoramic walkway connecting the historic center to the new part of the town. The work is a continuous stainless steel ribbon that captures the colors of the sunset, blending practicality and aesthetics. Learn more at peccioli-endless-sunset.
  • Palazzo Senza Tempo’s Terrace by Mario Cucinella – Completed in 2022, this architectural complex invites visitors to an ideal walk over the valley behind the village, “bridging space” and “shortening distances” between the visitor and the landscape below. Learn more at peccioli-palazzo-senza-tempo.
  • Presenze by Naturaliter – Completed in 2011, these are four gigantic sculptures located at the Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant of Legoli and at the Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater, symbolizing transformation and rebirth. The sculptures, ranging from 3 to 9 meters high, emerge from the ground to convey a message that new life can arise from waste. Learn more at peccioli-presenze.

Each of these works contributes to a unique dialogue between art, community, and environment, reflecting MACCA’s vision of an evolving museum.
Find all information about MACCA’s works on the official site:

Visiting Peccioli means immersing yourself in a unique setting where art blends with history, providing an unforgettable experience just an hour away from Florence. Perfect for a day trip, Peccioli invites visitors to explore its artistic and cultural heritage, easily accessible via the FI-PI-LI highway with an exit at Pontedera. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this true Tuscan treasure.

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