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Bed and Breakfast Marbò Florence

Information for your booking

All the prices are only for the room. The “City tax” is equal to 5,50 Euros for a person for one night (by april 2023), it is not included in the price and it must be paid in cash at the check-in.

To confirm the reservation it is necessary to communicate by e-mail a valid credit card number with expiration date, the credit card is required only as a guarantee.

The staff reserves the right to pre-authorize the customer’s credit card to verify that it is valid and that it has not been lost or stolen. Pre-authorization is not a payment, but will temporarily decrease your available credit. For more information, please contact your credit card manager.

The rooms are available at 13:30.

Check-in ends at 19:30.

The late check-in after 19:30 must be confirmed by the staff, otherwise you will not be able to entry in the B&b.

The price for the late check-in is equal to  30,00 Euros.